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LakshaAcharanai for UcchistaGanapati - April 14th 2013

April 14th is the beginning of the new day in the Tamil Calendar called “Vijaya”. This year it falls on Chaturthi thithi which is considered to be very auspicious. Our Samaj is planning to celebrate this event in a grand manner.

Schedule for Sunday, April 14th 2013
  • 7AM - RudraAbhishekham - Shri Sundareswar Swami by 20 vedic scholars
  • UcchistaGanapati homam and Special Abhishekam / Archana - 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Lakcharcharna to Goddess Meenakshi - From 9 AM
More than 20 Sastrikal would be participating in this religious event

Please reach out to the following if you want to participate in the Lakcharchana function.

KS Venkat – 0995-290-4445, R Arvind -

Shri Arun (S/O Shri Muthu mama) has donated 15K for this event. 40K has been the estimate for this function.

UcchistaGanapati UcchistaGanapati, Tantricform of Lord Ganesha
UcchistaGanapati is the 8th form among LordGanesha’s 32 forms. Many websites modern books described this Ganesha form as an exclusive Tantric deity form (associated with unclean things like orts, whose worship belongs to vamachara). But it is not true as per an ancient scripture known as “UcchistaGanapathi Puja Vidhanam’. The scripture explains the puja procedure in detail along with all slokasmantrams. UcchistaGanapati is also mentioned in 16 types of Ganesha (ShodashaGanapati). But this form of Ganesha is not included in EkavimsathiGanesha forms (21 forms of Lord Ganesha).

Appearance & Iconography of UcchistaGanapathi
UcchistaGanapathi appears in blue colour (and in some scriptures, describes as black complexioned). He is ChaturbhujaGanapathi (four armed). In his hands, he holds a blue lotus, pomegranate, a sprig of paddy, veena (musical instrument), and prayer beads, holding his Shakti in one hand.

UcchistaGanapatiMantram: UcchistaGaneshaDhyanam

UcchistaGanapati is worshipped in Tantric form of worship as per many modern books & other sources. UcchistaGanapathiUpasana is one of the powerful & touch puja methods in Hinduism.

Sri Rama Navami function falls on 27th and 28th of April 2013.


As usual our Samaj has great plans to celebrate this year’s Sri Rama Navami under the guidance of ‘Panchaganyam’ Sri Baskaran anna. On the day of Srirama Navami (April 19th 2013), a special thiru manjanam has been planned with Panagam and Neer mor (butter milk) distribution.

From 19th till 26th April, Brahma Sri Sundarareswara Bhavathar would conduct Sampradahaya Bajans from 7 PM covering dhodaya Mangalam , Guru Keerthanai and Astapathi.

Seetha Kalyana Invitation

Scheduled programs for 27th and 28th April 2013- Seetha Kalyana Mahosthavam

Date Time & Details Whom
27th April 2013

2 PM – Bajans Begin

2.30 PM-5.30 PM – Dhoada Mangalam, stapathi and dhyanams

5.30 PM-6.30 PM – Break for Sandhya Vandhanam

6.30 PM-8.30 PM – Astapathi contd…

8.30 PM-9.30 PM – Dinner Break

9.30 PM-1.30 (28th) AM - Divaya Namam and Dolosthavam

Theperumanallur Sri Narasimha Bhagavathar & Party
28th April 2013

6 – 8 AM – Special Thirumanjanam to Sri Kodhanda ramaswami, Sri Laskhmi Narayanar

8 – 8.30 – Injuverdhi

9 AM- 1 PM – Astapathi Bajans , Muthukuthal, Thirukalayanam

1 PM –  Annadhanam

5.30 PM-7.30 PM – Cultural programs by junior artists

7.30 PM-8.30 - Seetha Lakshmana hanumath sametha sri Kodhanda ramar thiru vedi ulla

8.30 PM – 9 .30 – Dinner

9.30 PM – 5 .30 AM –  Vasantha Kaligai, Divayanama, Konangi Samarathanai

Chennai Murali Bhagavathar & Party

This year we are planning to feed entire village as part of our celebration.

The committee has made elaborate arrangements for visitors for both boarding and lodging.

It has been estimated RS 50K for this function and Sri Ganesh and Vedha family has decided to donate the entire Sambhavani part which would cost 15K. Many thanks and we pray Sri Rama to provide good health and wealth

About Rama Navami -
Rama Navami as the name suggest is a festival of Rama on Navami or the ninth day. Rama Navami is celebrated during Chaitra Sukla Paksha Navami or Ninth day of the waxing phase of the moon in the month of Chaitra as per Telugu calendar. This year Rama Navami will be celebrated on Friday, 19th April, 2013

During Rama Navami a ritual of performing the marriage to Lord Sri Rama and Sita is a common practice in all the Rama temples. The most famous among them is the marriage at our temple as we have been celebrating this or ages. The main offering of Rama Navami is the Paanakam (prepared from Jaggery and Pepper). Kosambari another offering made from soaked Moong Dal Local organization also perform the marriage of Lord Rama and Sita and distribute Paankam. This is the first festival after Ugadi / Tamil New year’s day. It is a tradition to recite Ramayana on Rama Navami.

Mandalaphishkam - Poorthi - December 2012

Thanks to Guruvarul, Mandalaphishekam, 45 days function that includes special Abhishekams / archanas to Goddess Meenakshi and Sundareswarar on a daily basis with prasadam distribution to the needy people and this has been happening since Oct 30 2012. Chi. Arvind is performing this special pooja for all deities which may take even 3 hrs per day. On behalf of the trust, we would like to thank him for his Generosity.

Mandalaphisheka Poorthi has been planned for two days commencing on 15th Dec 2012 with a Ganapathy homam. First kala Pooja will start at 4 PM with Anughgai and Gadasthapanam. After a series of Homams, poornahuthi would happen around 8 PM followed by Artha Jama Pooja.

On Sunday(16th Dec), second kala Pooja would start around 7 AM. Meenakshi Moola manthra Homam, Rudhra Hoamam, Navagraha Homam and Surya homam would be performed for everyone’s wellness.

Special arrangements have been made for Prasadam (Annadhanam) distribution on both the days.

Medical assistance to needy - October 2012

Kannan Battar has been serving the Lakshmi Narayana temple for almost 25 years now and he earns a meagre Rs 2000/- per month. One of his family members needs immediate medical attention to undergo treatment for a critical ailment. Our Samaj has contributed Rs 10,000/- in the 1st disbursement towards the medical expenses.

Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple kumbhabhishekam Videos - October 2012

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Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple kumbhabhishekam - October 2012

Balalayam Function - July 2012

Srirama Navami - April 2012

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Pictures of Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple Renovation - September 2012.

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