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There is no better puja and ritual in Hindu religion than feeding a hungry living being. ‘Annadanam’ is ‘Mahadanam’ or the supreme endowment in Hindu religion and is an essential part of the Sanatana Dharma tradition. Donation of ood is not limited to feeding a human being but it encompasses all living beings. There are numerous stories in Hindu scriptures that extol the glory of Annadanam – prominent being Goddess Parvati appearing as Goddess Annapurnaeshwari and feeding Shiva. Another instance is about Karna taking rebirth as he had performed all donations except food.

A mistake that many Hindus make while performing Annadanam is to feed only priests. This is wrong. Annadanam should be offered to all living being – regardless of any consideration of position, authority, religion or caste or nationality.

In Hinduism, Annadanam is performed for redemption of sins, to attain piety, to get speedy recovery from illness and also to attain moksha.

There is a Hindu belief that sins committed in previous birth follow a person in successive births – Annadanam is performed to put an end to this. The glory of family, popularity of institution, holiness of a temple increases with each Annadanam.

Above all we become good human beings when we are willing to share our food with one who is hungry.

Annadhanams are performed during Kumbabhishekams and important Utsavas like Sri Rama Navami , Navaratri etc.

We had the privilege of providing Annadanam for 1000 people during Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple kumbhabhishekam in 2012.



We believe that all children have right to opportunity to receive quality education, regardless of their financial situation. In Vietnam, basic education is not free. Families need money to send their children to school. It covers:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • School Supplies
  • School Uniforms

Although we are a small and humble organization with limited resources, we sincerely strive to serve poor children regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity, gender, or personal viewpoint. Jesus Christ is love and He has commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves (friends and loved ones, as well as our enemies)

We want to provide this opportunity to those in need. Please help support a child's education by contacting us today.

Medical / Eye Camps:

Our organization offers Eye Camp to the needed with the aim of helping poor people. With the help of experienced doctors and nursing staff, we are able to offer this service efficiently and effectively.


Our organization has successfully completed one such camp in 2012.


A sum of Rupees 10,000 has been donated to the kannan bhattar towards his wife medical treatment.

Renovation of Temples:

A gentleman took his horoscope, for future predictions, to a renowned astrologer. After going through his horoscope, the astrologer had asked the gentleman to come the next day. On the way to his house, since it started raining, the gentleman waited inside an old temple. On seeing the condition of the temple, he thought had he got sufficient money would have renovated the temple. In the mean time the rain stopped and the gentleman proceeded to his house.

The next day he went and met the astrologer. At the sight of this gentleman the astrologer was shocked because according to the horoscope reading, the previous day was the last day of his life. The astrologer enquired the gentleman about what happened in between from the time he left his house yesterday and till now. The gentleman explained everything. The astrologer told him that the gentleman is blessed with the grace of God because he got extension of his life just by the thought of renovating that temple. He also told him that a person who contributes to the renovation of a temple in whichever way possible will get all righteous things in his life.

We undertake renovation of temples only in remote villages. The purpose of which is to bring the villagers together and to make them live in harmony. Once the consecration is completed, we will be engaging the villagers in self employment, as at present most of the villagers are non productive and getting addicted to bad habits.

With god’s grace our organization has been able to successfully renovate the below listed temples:
  • Mahaganapathy Temple in 2002
  • Sri Lakshmi Naryana Swamy Temple in 2007
  • Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in 2011
  • Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple kumbhabhishekam in 2012
Also the renovation work is in progress for Mahaganapathy Temple for the 2nd time after 12 years. This is just a beginning and we are certain we would renovate many more temples in future!
Sri Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Temple Kumbhabhishekam
Sri Velural Maha Mariamman Kumbhabhishekam
Maha Periyava
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